Effects of Cannabis Plant to the Human Body

The use of cannabis plant as a recreational drug has certain effects to the body. Some effects are temporary while others can be long-term and may cause significant effects to the overall health and quality of living of a person. Here’s what you should know about the effects of using cannabis plant.

Short-term effects

Some short-term effects of using cannabis plant can be beneficial,but others are rather alarming. The use of the plant results to short-term relaxation,giddiness,and increased focus and creativity. Users also claim they experience increased appetite after using the cannabis plant.

Concerning effects of cannabis use include nausea,lethargy,lower blood pressure,and higher heart rate. It also leads to anxiety and paranoia,as well as coordination issues and delayed reaction time. These effects may vary in intensity depending on how the cannabis plant is consumed. They are typically experienced when the product has high concentrations of the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),which is responsible for the drug’s “high” effects.

Long-term effects

The effects of cannabis use are subject to debate among experts and researchers. It is notable,however,that previous studies point to certain long-term effects such as drug dependence. Based on the data presented by the National Institute on Drug Abuse,people who start using cannabis at an early age are more likely to develop cannabis use disorder. As with smoking tobacco,smoking cannabis can also lead to different respiratory problems that arise from the airways being inflamed and irritated by the substances.

CBD and hemp oil

Despite all the negative things attached to the cannabis plant,it is also a source of some good compounds that may have positive effects to human health. In fact,it is the source of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp oils. These oils are used in different alternative medications,according to suppliers of CBD hemp oil Hongkong.

The natural properties of CBD and hemp oil are found to help in treating or managing chronic pain,anxiety,depression,acne,and even cancer-related symptoms. There are claims that they have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties,plus they may promote heart health as well.

Further research,however,is needed to determine these claims.


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